• You’ve Heard It Before… You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet

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    I am constantly banging my head against a wall when it comes to people and trying to explain just how important food choices are as many have the mindset that a new workout program will somehow make up for the way they eat. They convince themselves that they can eat whatever they want because their workout will offset any additional calories taken in. It is this mindset that makes so many people fail in reaching their goals.

    Most of us will never end up with a six pack or a bikini body eating whatever we want. The human body just doesn’t work that way. Yes there are a few people who can eat whatever they want and still look good all of the time. These people however are few and far between and do not make up the majority of the population. Anyway, if you’ve read this far, you already know this is not the type of person you are.

    All too often a person simply does not understand the amount of calories they consume daily nor the amount of effort it takes to rid them in the form of fat from your body. People also greatly over estimate just how many calories are burned during a workout and think just because they leave the gym exhausted that they have burned them off and more. This is very rarely the case.

    The bottom line is this… The only way to achieve good health and a toned body is by adequate exercise and good eating habits.

    In the same 3 minutes it may take you to consume 800 – 1000 calories, it will take you 40 – 45 minutes of high impact cardio to get rid of them.

    By simply eating 1 Tim Tam you would need to jog at a steady pace (12 kph) for 12 – 13 minutes just to get rid of those calories. Another example is a single doughnut. This would mean the same pace would need to be kept but for almost an hour this time. Is it truly worth it if you’re trying to reach a goal you have set for yourself?

    If you go to the gym every day for an hour and work your arse off you have put a foot in the right direction. The fact here however is that 1 hour a day is just 6% of your entire 24 hour period. This means that you have an additional 94% of time that you need to make smart food choices or make bad ones and undo everything you have achieved in the day prior to that point.

    Maximum results come from eating the right foods along with a details exercise routine. They go hand in hand. One cannot work without the other.

    When I get people say to me over and over that they are working hard but not losing weight, I always ask what they are eating and how often. The response is fairly typical as most people say they eat ‘pretty well’ so I will then take it a step further and grill them about what they eat, when they eat, how often they eat, how much water they drink, how much soft drink or alcohol they consume, how much fruit or starchy carbs they eat and the list goes on. It is at this point people actually see just how inadequate their diets are.

    The main area people fall down with their eating is with their excess carbs or inadequate protein intake. It’s obvious to everyone to cut out things like chocolate or alcohol but that’s pretty much where the understanding of food ends. Most people are vaguely unaware of how different foods affect the body as well as how consuming foods at certain times also affect weight loss (or weight gains for that matter).

    Here is a very basic and very effective eating plan that will start shedding body fat like crazy if followed. Keep in mind however that this only works if you are prepared to stick with it and also exercise to compliment the eating guide. The principles are very basic… Cut out refined carbs, eat 5 – 6 times per day, increase water intake, focus on fibrous carbs rather than starchy. This may seem bland and boring but this is the way we are designed to eat. It’s the way we ate for millions of years before ‘convenience foods’ hit the supermarket shelves. It was also the way most of our grandparents ate growing up so although it wasn’t that long age we were doing this, however it seems almost impossible to a lot of people. Here is what you need to do…. Whether you choose to do it is up to you but you will never reach your goals if you don’t make a few simple changes.

    Fat shedding meal plan (combined with an adequate exercise plan)

    • Breakfast – 2 -3 egg white and 1 whole egg omelette and 1/2 cup cooked oats with water
    • Mid morning – Protein snack or a protein shake
    • Lunch – 150 grams grilled chicken breast and 2 -3 cups non starchy vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, capsicum, zucchini, cauliflower etc) OR large fresh garden salad. Include lettuce, tomato, spring onion, capsicum, avocado, snow peas, sprouts etc).
    • Mid afternoon – 1 piece of fruit and 1/4 cup unsalted nuts (almonds, walnuts or peanuts)
    • Dinner – Same as lunch but can change chicken breast to lean steak, fish or tofu if preferred
    • Before bed – Protein snack or a protein shake

    Protein snack consists of a protein source such as chicken breast or sliced ham etc. Each snack should be around 100 grams. Alternatively, a protein shake is a great option and there are both male and female varieties with and without fat burners included in them.

    Just remember however that the above eating plan only needs to remain in place until you have reached your desired outcome. It is much easier to maintain weight that to lose it so this is not a lifelong menu.

    Make sure that at least once per week you give yourself a cheat day where you simply forget about your eating plan and reward yourself. This gives you something to look forward to without sending you stir crazy.

    Give this plan even a week and I promise you’ll start to see results.