• Weight Loss Issues


    Before I go too far into writing this article, I would just like to point out that this isn’t for people looking for a reason to justify their weight loss failures or who may be trying to rationalise why they are still overweight. I speak with way too many people who try a diet and exercise plan for a few days or even a week and don’t turn into supermodels in that time so they (for whatever reason) think there must be something wrong with them physically or medically.

    This is for people who can honestly say they have tried making the proper changes to their lifestyles without seeing the rewards and are unsure where to turn to next. That being said…..

    Excessive weight gain is a problem that has affected millions of people around the world like a plague. Obesity and excessive weight are causing health problems to people and it is now becoming an epidemic in the entire world. Keeping our weight in check and keeping ourselves healthy is becoming more and more difficult every day. The lifestyle of the 21st century is a leading factor in this issue and our lifestyles, our work habits, our eating habits, and the lack of exercise are all factors that play a part in the obesity and weight gain of the world population. Excessive weight not only makes one lazy and slow, it affects us in many other ways, we become demoralized, we lose our self esteem, we become victims of medical problems all because of this excessive weight. Excessive weight is like a shackle around our feet stopping us from leading a healthy life and affecting us very badly.

    The main causes of weight gain and obesity has always been lack of exercise and an improper diet. With the advancement of technology and machinery we in general tend to move less and our body gets less exercise, also because of our hectic schedules we find no time for walking, jogging or playing sport that helps us shed weight. Another factor that leads to weight gain is an improper diet and improper eating habits, because of our busy lives we indulge more in unhealthy foods. Also the lack of time and indiscipline in our lives lead us to skip meals, eat at odd times and sometimes not eat at all, all this leads to weight gain. And later leads to life changing medical problems related to weight gain that make our lives miserable.

    Although it is an established fact that diet and exercise play the most important part in weight loss some people will notice that despite all the diet control and exercise they are unable to manage their weight. If this is the case there is defiantly some other problem that is causing the weight gain and it is imperative that you get to the bottom of the problem and address the situation before the excessive weight gets out of control and it becomes impossible to lose weight, you will need to consult a health care provider or a doctor who will help you establish what could be causing the weight gain.

    Some factors that affect the weight of a person are listed below, if you are exercising and eating a proper diet and still gaining weight it could be because of one of the following problems and this needs to be addressed to lead a healthy life.

    Hypothyroidism:   Hypothyroidism is the lack of the thyroid hormone in the body; it decreases the metabolic rate of the body and weight gain. Fat gets accumulated in this condition and a person will probably gain weight which will be hard to lose. Also this condition makes a person lazy and sleepy this can also cause one to gain weight and affect the body adversely.

    Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency:   Essential fatty acids are good fats needed by the body to maintain the metabolic rate of the body, a lack of essential fatty acids can cause one to gain weight.

    Cushing’s syndrome:   This is a disease caused by excessive cortisol hormone, it causes the body to retain fat in the face, abdomen or upper back, and this weight is hard to lose.

    Prescription Drugs:    Some prescription drugs like anti inflammatory drugs, drugs for diabetes, and contraceptives among others can cause abnormal weight gain or slow metabolism. If you are experiencing unexplained weight gain tell your doctor about any prescription medicines you might be having and what effects these medicines can have on your weight.

    Kidney, Heart and Liver Disease:   Sometimes, disease in the kidney, heart and liver can cause unexplained weight gain, causing puffiness all over the body, especially in eyes and ankles.

    Emotional Eating:   Emotional eating is one of the biggest factors for weight gain, humans tend to eat excessively when they are emotional or depressed, not realizing what affect this is having on their body. Sources of stress may not be apparent but they could still cause bad eating habits and excessive weight gain.

    When we are trying to lose weight we just look into our eating habits and exercise habits, ignoring all these other factors that could be causing the weight gain all this time. It is essential when trying to lose weight to rule out any of the above stated problems that play a major role in some of the cases of weight gain. Once you know exactly what it is that is causing the weight gain, you can better address the situation and find an affective remedy for your weight problems.