• The truth behind diets


    One of the most common issues confusing people who come to me is their eating habits. I cannot count how many times per day I am asked questions referring to this product or that product or the newest, latest and greatest diet trends going around. In fact, all you would have to do is spend 1 hour beside me and you would see exactly just how confused people are by the correct way to eat when it comes to weight loss.

    This is no surprise given the fact that we are bombarded daily with information from companies wanting to get your hard earned dollars with the promise of amazing results. But keep one thing in mind. The diet industry is worth billions of dollars annually and the more confused you are the more likely you are to spend your money trying to find the magic pill or program that will transform you in a matter of weeks.

    I hate to continually be the bearer of bad news but no such product exists. If it did would there be any competition in the market at all? Wouldn’t every GP who has an overweight patient simply prescribe this miracle cure to his or her patients to end this ongoing epidemic of diabetes, obesity and heart failure? And wouldn’t we all look like an athlete or swimsuit model rather than put up with the never ending health problems that being overweight causes?

    All you need to do is look at people (and many of you reading this will relate) and their shopping habits. They pick up the 97% fat free yoghurt, low fat cheese, diet soft drinks, sugar free lollies, 99% fat free ice cream etc. with the understanding that they are eating healthy and doing the right thing. After all there is not fat or harmful ingredients in any of these products right? DEAD WRONG!!

    This is just another example of companies cashing in on people wanting to eat healthy or lose weight just to manipulate you into buying their products with bulls*it marketing, who I for one, think should be illegal and food advocates have for years been trying to get these laws overturned to protect consumers. What am I talking about? Well I have written extensively about this issue a few times but for those of you who are not in the know I’ll recap.

    When you buy a 97% precent or 98% or 99% or whatever fat free product it doesn’t mean it is fat free at all. I could name a very common yoghurt brand that is in every supermarket across the country that boasts 97% fat free but in fact is 25% fat! And this is where the laws need to be changed because it is deceptive, misleading and a total lie. The problem is that these companies can throw millions at courts and get away with what they do with convoluted reasoning and by laws that they continue to manipulate to their advantage.

    They get away with stating it is whatever percentage fat free by excluding the sugar content. But how can they do this I hear you ask? Because sugar in it’s original form is not a fat. Sugar doesn’t become fat until it enters your body and you body converts it to fat for energy. So even though you eat something that is virtually fat free and then becomes 25% fat once you swallow it, there is no need for food companies to tell people this as the sugar content is written on the food label.

    Sugar is in EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. It is cheap, a preservative and most importantly of all…. Addictive. It also has dozens of names to mislead the diligent consumer into thinking the product is much lower in sugar than stated. In fact when reading a food label you quite often see 3 or 4 different types of sugar in one product but only one (and sometimes none) will actually say sugar. This is because when you read a food label that lists the ingredients you are in fact actually reading the highest content of that product first. So if the first thing you see is sugar then that’s the ingredient that product contains the most of.

    People are staring to wise up to this so now food manufacturers are taking it upon themselves to change the makeup of sugars to give them different names and spreading the sugar content throughout the label trying to hide the real sugar content from the end user…. You.

    Common names are maltitol, dextrose, corn syrup and fruit juice concentrate. There are however like I said, dozens of these names used to confused you. This way of labelling pushes the ingredients down the order giving the impression that a product which has a number one ingredient of sugar has a much lower volume and shows healthier ingredients first.

    OK, so I could go on and on for dozens of pages on this like I have in the past but it’s time to cut to the chase. I am going to give you the very best diet plan on the planet and it is going to cost you absolutely nothing and it will work much faster than the pills, potions, creams and meal replacements out there. EAT REAL FOOD. Don’t buy or consume anything from a box, can, packet or tub. Everything you buy that has been manufactured is exactly that… Manufactured.

    Buy only fresh veggies, fruit, salads and protein sources. This is the simple philosophy of clean eating and it’s what we as humans did for our entire existence before we were introduced to sugar and “convenience” foods. It’s no coincidence that our societies health problems have escalated over the past 50 years with the introduction of these foods. Buy your food fresh, prepare your own meals, kick sugar and all of your weight problems will soon be a distant memory.

    Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring either. In fact every recipe I put on this site is a clean eating recipe and taste just as good if not better that processed junk. Take the time to prepare your meals, include some exercise and that is all you need to know.