• A Few Spot Reduction Truths

    spot reduction

    Every one of us has at some point or another seen the late night infomercials selling the latest and greatest weight loss gadgets of all time. You know the ones…. They claim to be able to give you a six pack or tone your hips and butt or make you look like a rock star by using it for only 10 minutes a day 3 times per week. Unfortunately there will also be a vast majority of people reading this who have parted with their hard earned cash in pursuit of their ideal bodies because as humans we are always looking for “the secret” or “the magic bullet”.

    Sorry to break the bad news, but no such thing exists. If it did then everyone in the world would be looking trim, toned and terrific yet people still fall victim to all of the bull s*it that marketing companies spew at them day in day out.

    All of these diets, pills, gadgets and gizmo’s have one thing in common (apart from being totally worthless) and that is trying to convince the end user that spot reduction is possible. I mean how many ab machines are actually out there? There is always a newer and better one which will show a picture of a very obese male or female who suddenly morphs into a well toned, fit and healthy person. And all of this for just 10 minutes of your time 3 times per week.

    The first question you should be asking yourself is fairly obvious. If the machine in question targets the abdominal region, they why is the person morphed into a fully toned fitness model with bulging muscles everywhere? Answer? Because it’s a complete crock of s*it!!

    I cannot count the amount of times EVERY SINGLE DAY someone will come up to me and say “I need some exercises to lose my stomach”. Listen very carefully….. YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE.

    So what do I mean when I refer to spot reduction? I mean people believing that doing crunches will get rid of stomach fat and give them abs or doing squats will remove fat from the hips and thighs hence giving them a toned butt. This is impossible as you cannot choose where the fat removed will come from. Yes, the muscles under the fat are getting worked and toning up, but you will not remove the fat surrounding those areas by simply working the muscles associated with them.

    Where each and every one of us stores our body fat depends on a number of things

    • Hormones
    • Genetics
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Age

    Just as these factors determine where on our bodies our fat stores are, they also affect the sequence in which the body burns fat.

    Roughly half of the fat stored in your body is stored between the skin and muscles and the other half stored around your organs.

    The important thing to note however is that the fat stored under the skin is not distributed evenly around your body. Typically you have thin layers on your face, hands, neck, forearms and calves. The layers around your midsection, upper arms and hips are usually much thicker.

    Generally speaking, when it’s time for your body to draw on it’s fat stores, it will draw relatively evenly from your entire body not just one area. However, it is usually the last place on the body that the fat was deposited will be the first to be utilised.

    What this means is that although most women will be looking at their lower halves to see the weight coming off and men will be lifting their shirts in a hope to see their mid section shrinking, it doesn’t work that way. You have to be aware that fat is being removed from all over. INSIDE AND OUT.

    Another simple truth is that for most women, the very last place the fat will come off is the lower half of the body (hips, thighs and butt) as this is the very first place it is stored so it will be the last to go. For most men, the very last place the fat will come of will be the mid section because again this is generally the very first place men store excess fat deposits. Don’t waste your time focussing on the fat coming off of these areas as you have no control over it. Zero!!

    Instead focus on getting your eating habits and workout routine in order and the rest will take care of itself.

    Contradictory to what late night marketing would have you believe, there is no simple way to achieve the results you are looking for. It takes dedication and a little bit of patience. The good news however is that it is actually possible and not as hard as many people believe. The key is the right balance of food, exercise (cardio and resistance training) and an understanding that you cannot control how and where your body will store fat or where it is removed from first. Just be aware that it is being removed and stay positive.