• We Are Quickly Becoming The Worlds Fattest Nation

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    It is no secret that we as a nation are becoming fatter. It’s a simple plain fact that can be seen in every corner of the country. But just how fast we are becoming fat is scary with Australians waistlines expanding at the same rate as those living in the junk food capital of the world…. America

    In fact, the title for the largest growth in obesity per capita over the past 30 years goes to Australia. Is it any wonder we have seen and continue to see explosive growth in diabetes, heart disease, heart failure, arthritis, kidney failure, cancer and a multitude of other never ending health problems? Many if not almost all of these can be avoided or diminished simply by changing our eating habits.

    It has always astounded me just how many people refuse to put any time or effort into their health until they are forced to. I am referring to the stage in life when the first heart attack occurs or the threat of diabetes becomes all too real. By this stage the damage has been done and although many of the problems can be reversed (at least to some degree) by healthy eating and exercise, the problems more than likely never needed to have arisen in the first place.

    What is equally astounding is just how much money (women in particular) waste on the latest and greatest fads to shed the excess weight. It is no coincidence that the weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars annually. The key to weight loss is so simple that it’s ridiculous yet people are always looking for the magic bullet that will shed the weight overnight and allow them to be sedentary, eat crap and have no adverse health effects. Sorry, but no such thing exists and until people comprehend that the only way to get healthy and stay healthy is to put in a little bit of effort then they will always be chasing a dream instead of creating a healthy reality.

    Currently half of all overweight Australians are now obese and this still continues to rise.

    34 years ago Australia was ranked the 63rd most obese nation in the world. In the year 2000 we were ranked 41st and last year we were ranked 25th. This from a country with much lower population than other countries ahead of us of the table. Keep in mind however that if we had the same population as the 24 countries ahead of us we would take the number 1 position easily!

    The fact of the matter is that your health is up to you. You can blame society, money, lack of time, other priorities, family, peer pressure or any other number of things but if it matters to you then it’s up to you to do something about it. Everyone who reaches the point where they either make changes or die will find the time or resources to make the adjustments necessary. So why is it that so many people make such bull s*it claims regarding why they can’t do it now?

    I put it to you that if you (like many other people) validate reasons why it’s too hard to eat healthy and make some effort to get up and move, went to your GP and he or she said you have 2 choices – either you keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be dead in a year or you change your lifestyle and you can expect another 20 years, you would get off your arse, stop the excuses and do it!

    The one excuse that drives me insane more than any other is the one I hear more often than anything else and that is “I don’t have time to make my own meals”. BULL S*IT!!

    Personally I get up at 5am. Start work at 6am. Work until 9pm and then get home just before 10 pm and do that 6 days per week. So I work 15 hours per day and I am out of the house 17 hours per day and sleep about 6-7 hours per night. Guess what? I still make my own meals. Why? because it’s important to me so I find the time. So don’t tell me because you work 8 hours per day and have 2 young kids and a partner that you can’t find time because that is just an excuse. If it’s important you will make time, if it’s not you will make an excuse.

    It’s a scary fact that there has not been one nation on the planet in the past 30 years that has had a reduction in obesity growth. Every single nation has seen an increase every year and still continues to do so.

    To paint a picture, Australia has a population of around 36.25 million and the United States has around 317 million. Australia’s obesity rate stands at 29 percent of the population while America stands at 33 percent. Given the fact we have around one tenth of the population and we’re only 4 percent behind them in obesity, paints a very bleak picture. Add another 280 million people to our population and the numbers would be incomprehensible.

    Another reason people use to validate their lack of exercise is money yet more often than not these people smoke, buy take away every day, drink on weekends and buy only packaged foods at the supermarket. Not only is eating healthy and preparing your own foods better for you, it is much much cheaper. Again if you are the type of person to use the excuse that around $10-$15 per week is too expensive to invest in your health then you too are justifying yourself with an excuse. I’m not suggesting that everyone does this as in some cases money is a very real reason. I’m just referring to the general public who drink, smoke, eat take away and buy packaged foods yet still use the cost as an excuse. The funny thing is that these are the very same people who spend $60 to see a doctor every few weeks plus prescription costs to tackle all of the ongoing health problems they endure by continuing to make excuses not to do something about it.

    Long story short. Either follow the trend or make the decision to invest in your body. It’s the only one you will ever have and if you treat it like crap then that’s what it will give you in return. Most cancers and other serious illnesses can be avoided if people simply make the decision to take care of themselves. The sad fact is that many of you reading this will simply shrug it off and die a slow death from massive complications later in life or be hit with a multitude of ongoing medical expenses for things that could have easily been avoided. Sorry to be blunt but that’s the plain simple truth.