• Oven Baked Salt & Pepper Calamari With Tartare

    Salt & Pepper Calamari

    Ingredients – for calamari

    • 500 grams calamari tubes, sliced into rings
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 and 1/2 cups almond meal or wholemeal breadcrumbs
    • 1 tablespoon salt
    • 1 tablespoon pepper
    • small amount of olive oil

    Ingredients – for tartare

    • 1 cup mayonnaise
    • 1 gherkin, finely diced
    • 1 tablespoon capers, crushed
    • 2 spring onions, finely diced
    • 1 teaspoon dried parsley
    • 1 teaspoon lemon juice


    1. Pre heat oven to 190 degrees Celsius
    2. Line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper
    3. Rinse calamari under fresh water and pat dry
    4. Whisk eggs in a bowl and spread almond meal combined with salt and pepper out on a plate
    5. Coat each piece of calamari in the egg before coating in almond meal. Transfer coated calamari to another plate
    6. When all calamari has been coated, sprinkle remaining almond meal over the top. Lightly shake off each piece before transferring the baking trays. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over the top
    7. Bake for 8-9 minutes before removing trays and turning calamari over. Return to oven and bake for a further 8-9 minutes
    8. Whilst the calamari is cooking, add the tartare sauce ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix using a fork until well combined. Season with salt and pepper if desired
    9. Serve the calamari hot from the oven with the sauce