• The Final Rep Six Week Challenge


    Unlike most other programs that offer an attractive prize that has hundreds if not thousands of contestants competing against one another, this one is capped to 100 participants only! This is to enable people to stay 100% focused and committed to reaching their fitness goals while giving them a very real chance of walking away with a large cash prize at the end.


    $5000 first place winner. $1500 first runner up and $500 second runner up.

    Winners do not have to be the individuals who lose the most weight as this program is not solely designed for people looking to slim down. The winners will be chosen on their overall results. This can come from losing weight, increased muscle / definition or gaining a 6 pack etc.

    There is no need to buy anything to participate such as powders or pills. The only cost you will ever incur is the $295 program fee. NOTHING MORE.

    All you are required to bring to your workouts are a towel and drink bottle. You can bring a small pair of hand weights if you choose as some exercises are strength related and require resistance but exercise bands will be provided if you prefer.

    There is no need to parade yourself in front of anyone or supply revealing pictures or personal information about yourself to participate in the cash prizes. In fact, you do not even have to compete for the prizes if you choose not to.

    The only requirement to be in the running for the prizes is for you to take a photo of yourself on day 1 and then another on the final day holding a newspaper that clearly shows the date for both photos. We do not need to see any pictures until the end of the program so if you do not wish to have your results considered for award afterwards you are under absolutely no obligation to produce anything. The initial photo can be either in a swimsuit for women or boxer shorts for men or alternatively you can be fully clothed. The decision is entirely up to the individual and their level of comfort. The only suggestion for people taking a photo fully clothed would be to do so in slightly tight clothing if possible and then take the final one in the same outfit to best represent the results as it is very difficult to judge results if you wear baggy clothing.


    The six week challenge has been designed for people looking to increase energy, improve functionality, promote lean muscle gains and lose body fat FAST!!

    This program utilises both the anaerobic and aerobic energy pathways that humans use while expending energy. Both pathways are continuously manipulated enabling your body to function at its highest output. This in turn forces your body to burn fat continuously without ever hitting that dreaded plateau that forces so many people to give up before they ever get close to reaching their goals.

    You can expect to see better and faster results with this program the further into it you go as you will be constantly changing the workouts, rest periods, sets performed, style of exercises and so on. It is for this reason that results are continual, rapid and achievable.

    A contributing factor why many people fail to reach their goals and hit a plateau (whether it be a weight loss program, strength routine or cardio improvement) is due to commencing a fitness routine like a bull at a gate. In this scenario things go well for a couple of weeks or possibly a month but then your body will go into shock because of the sudden loss of stored energy (fat) and goes into its natural defense mode which is to hold onto your energy reserves (fat again) and slow down or stop completely to preserve it.

    Put simply, your body is designed for self-preservation and wants to keep you alive. When you lose fat too fast your body doesn’t know you are in fact doing so intentionally, it only knows there has been a sudden change and begins to shut down. As far as your body knows there is a famine or you are ill so it needs to halt or at the very least slow down your metabolism to get you through this period until things return to normal. Of course this very common bodily response is short term (usually a few weeks to a month) and as soon as your body realizes that conditions are normal and adapts to your new way of life it will again start using fat as energy.

    It is important to remember that a lot of people beginning a health and fitness journey will do so on the back of a sedentary or incorrect diet lifestyle so it is going to take a little while for your body to adapt to a new one. The trouble is most people do not understand this concept and after a week or two of pushing themselves by doing the same things that were working so well initially will simply give up as the results have stopped coming.

    So how is this program different? It tackles this problem head on by using progression from week to week so your body does not have time to adapt to the same routines or stresses placed upon it.

    This is achieved by changing the routines every single week and altering the intensities. You will also be nourishing your body with the right foods to ensure you are fueled for optimal performance and energy. You will never go hungry so your body will never assume there is a food shortage and begin to slow down.

    Another reason this program works so well is due to the after burn effect that is achieved by doing this type of workout. The after burn effect is simply the way your body reacts after a workout. The result of this type of program is that your metabolism is elevated so much that you will continue to burn calories for around 4 hours at an elevated rate even after you finish your session. This means more calories burned for a longer period of time which equates even faster results.

    The workout routines are designed for a specific purpose and lead on from the previous weeks’ sessions. The intensities are continually altered throughout the entire 6 weeks to avoid body shock (caused by doing the same routine over and over or by starving yourself) and therefore the results keep coming and in most cases, will actually get faster towards the end of the program.

    You will be changing your workouts weekly and each week will consist of 2 workouts that are performed 3 times each. One workout will be performed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the other performed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The next week the program will change entirely to not only promote ongoing rapid results, but also to alleviate boredom and to keep you motivated and focused. In all you will be doing a total of 12 different routines over a 6 week period.

    Depending on the week and the workout, the sessions will run between 45 minutes to 60 minutes but no routine will ever exceed an hour.

    What sort of workouts can you expect?

    You will be doing a combination of free weights to promote lean muscle gain and to tone as you lose body fat. Cardio to promote fat burning and increased cardiovascular output. Core training to tone the waist and strengthen the abs and body weight movements to promote a combination of all 4 – toning, cardio output, fat burning and core definition.

    What sort of results can you expect?

    There is absolutely no typical answer here but I can say that the average person loses around 7 to 9 kilo’s and a combined 15-20 centimeters off their hips and waist but there have been many who have lost in excess of 10-12 kilo’s and our record holder to date lost 15.3 kilo’s.

    Aside from weight loss, we have had many people commence this program with very little strength and walking away after 6 weeks doing 50 push ups and 15-20 pull ups as real strength gains will also be achieved.

    It does not matter if you choose to do this program to improve fitness, lose weight, achieve a 6 pack or to tone your body as it covers all the bases.

    In addition to the program you will be given diet information to promote faster results and keep you satisfied. You will be eating real food and you will not be going hungry. You will be given several different diet options (unlike most other programs who utilise the “one size fits all” approach) which is often not the best option as we all have different commitments, time constraints, lifestyles and tastes. These alternatives allow you to choose an eating plan that will suit your personal needs and work within your time frame.

    A common concern for people wishing to undertake this challenge is their current fitness level. Let me be blunt on this point. IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW FIT OR UNFIT YOU ARE!! Each person works against themselves and to their own abilities. There is no yelling or screaming at people to keep them going, nor are there requirements when it comes to speed or energy levels. Yes, you will be motivated to push on but you will also be motivated to stop and rest when needed as rest is a vital part to success in this program.

    Every exercise performed is to the ability of the participant and at their own pace. There are also modifications to each exercise to accommodate all levels of fitness so everybody can work out in accordance with their current capabilities. It does not matter if you are an Olympic athlete or have never exercised in your life as this program is 100% adjustable to every individual so everyone gets the EXACT same benefits from it. That is another reason this program has proven to be so successful over and again.

    We have had people ranging from teenagers to senior citizens participate in this challenge and everyone has felt comfortable in their own skin as you are not pitted against anyone except yourself.

    Virtually every single person who has completed this program tells us how much more energy they have and are shocked by how much their fitness levels have skyrocketed in such a short period of time. Also, people with joint and mobility problems leave moving much more freely and report a better quality of life.

    If you are prepared to invest as little as 6 weeks into yourself to achieve a massive lifestyle change and ongoing health benefits then this program is for you. If you cannot commit to 6 weeks then it definitely is not but I can promise one thing – for those of you who accept and complete this challenge, you will see and experience a whole new you in only 6 weeks time from now.

    We will be running 2 classes daily to assist people who have work, family or other lifestyle factors they need to work around. The morning session will be run at 6:15 am and the evening session will be run at 6:30 pm.

    We will be holding a free information session at a date and location in Launceston to be announced within the next 10 days so people can receive more information about the program and ask questions prior to commencement if they choose. The commencement date for this challenge will also be announced very soon so if you would like any further information or would like to register your interest please contact us on either method below.

    Please remember that we are capping this to 100 participants only.

    Please email info@thefinalrep.com.au or call either 0400 030 754 or 6319 8924. Please leave a voice mail if we are unable to attend to your call and we will return your call very promptly. Alternatively you can leave a message on our Face Book page.