• Facts about abs


    Here are 10 myths about six pack abs you need to know. Everyone wants a six-pack but there’s so much information and misinformation it’s hard to know whether or not what you’re doing is helping, hurting or useless to your cause.

    This article will help dispel some of the incorrect information and get you on the road to abdominal results.

    Doing crunches every day will get me abs fast.

    Think you’re doing yourself a favour by doing crunches every day? Think again. This is probably the most common of the 10 myths about six-pack abs. The rectus abdominus are like any other muscle; over-train them and they’ll stop growing. Keep doing crunches every day and that’s exactly what will happen. Try the plank once in a while; it targets muscles that the crunch will never hit in a million years. Mix up your ab routine, there are hundreds of abdominal movements out there, some simple some advanced but DO NOT train your abs every day. You should only train them every 3rd day just like any other muscles.

    Ab exercises will get me a six pack.

    Doing ab exercises will get that area stronger but if you`re looking for a well defined six pack you`ll have to burn fat to reveal them. It’s a cliché but the saying is true, “great abs are made in the kitchen.” What you eat and your cardiovascular training will play a big part. Your training should also include some interval training to help rev up your metabolism to burn fat. Shed the fat and you’ll see the results.

    I can just use a piece of equipment from a late night infomercial to get results.

    Don’t be suckered in by this crap! All you need is a little space, some knowledge, and your own body weight. Four to five core exercises thrown into a high intensity circuit will get you results.

    Fat burning supplements will help me shed the fat.

    Again, don’t be suckered in by this garbage! The primary source in fat burners is caffeine. Other main sources are simply cinnamon and chilli with a few big sounding ingredients thrown in. If you want to pay $50 for 50 coffee pills go ahead but you’ll get better results if you just drink a straight black coffee. There’s no supplement for common sense, eat right, train correctly and the results will take care of themselves.

    People are just born like that or they have good genetics.

    Born with what? A stomach? We all have one. The difference between them and you is how much fat they’ve burned or are carrying. Most of us can achieve a great looking mid-section and nearly everyone could stand to lose some fat, but do it in a healthy way: by eating sensibly, making smart choices and working hard.

    It takes forever to get great abs

    Again, I hate to sound like a broken record but we all have the same muscles. It might take longer for some people to lose fat, but all things being equal; if you train properly and eat right you’ll get them.

    Ab exercises hurt my back.

    Actually, proper ab exercises can help your back, and the key is proper exercises. If you have a weak back don’t start out trying to break records. That’s bad for your back; instead do exercises like the plank which will strengthen your back and your abdominals.

    Doing ab exercises will make you look fatter if you don’t lose the fat first.

    This is one of the most misunderstood of the 10 myths about six pack abs. Put simply, muscle burns fat so if you train correctly you will be building muscle and burning fat. This means a smaller looking waist line.

    Ab muscles are different from other muscles thereby making them harder to train.

    This is a good one and one I hear a lot. To put it simply, a muscle is a muscle. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your toe, your arm, your ear or your stomach. Muscles work by putting them under stress and fatigue. Abdominal muscles are no different. Move the core and the muscles will respond.

    Everyone can have a perfectly flat stomach.

    This is the trickiest one of the 10 myths about six pack abs. Again, all things being equal, all of us can achieve a toned stomach but there are certain things that might come into the equation when trying to get a perfectly flat stomach. Age, genetics, body mass and body type will influence how flat your stomach is. Like anything, everyone builds muscles differently so it is not good to obsess over “the perfect” six pack.

    Long story short, eat smart, train correctly, mix up your routine, don’t overtrain and don’t give up. We all have a core. None of us could stand, walk, run, hop or move around if we didn’t. The key is to lose the body fat to reveal it.