• Diet and weight loss


    A very common misconception that people fall victim to is that in order to shed those extra kilo’s they need to work out like a maniac for hours on end.People tend to forget that no matter how much effort you put into your exercise regime, if you walk away and eat the wrong foods then you have undone everything you have just worked so hard to achieve.

    Look at an average day or week…

    Many people would do an hour or so of exercise a day 5-6 day per week when trying to shed the unwanted weight. This equates to around 4% of your day. That leaves 96% for you to nourish your body for optimal performance. What this means in layman terms is that you can sweat, grunt, swear and curse your way through the toughest workout in the world but this only equates to a very small percentage of the overall picture.

    Diet at the very minimum is responsible for 70% of your results!

    Don’t expect to achieve high quality performance or conditioning with training alone.

    Many people are starting to wake up to the notion that diet plays a major part in the results you are after. This is true whether you are bulking up, slimming down or trying to increase cardio performance. However, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to get their abs showing and they expected the answer to be something exercise related, like there’s a specific abdominal exercise that will magically get their ab’s more defined and ready for the beach I could probably retire tomorrow.

    The only way to get your ab’s showing is with DIET plain and simple. Yes you can tone and strengthen your core but you won’t see the results with the layers of fat sitting on top.

    Generally men are predisposed to storing excess body fat on their abdominal area, women are predisposed to storing excess body fat on their triceps and glutes / thighs. Thus the question on how to get these areas leaner on a respective body isn’t related to the exercises you do.

    Yes, when you do exercises and increase muscle density your muscularity increase will show a slightly leaner look, however the only way to really get lean in these areas is diet.

    Sorry but this is a fact!

    The easiest way (and I say this to numerous people on regular occasions) is to prepare your own meals and to eat clean. It is a very simple notion but one that has been lost in translation due to all of the fad diets and crappy diet pills and potions on the market.

    Eating clean simply means avoiding processed junk and eating the way we are supposed to…

    Increase salads, vegetables, lean proteins and nuts.

    Avoid sugar at all costs and anything at all that comes in a box, packet, wrapper, tin, tub or anything else. ANYTHING processed is exactly that; processed and I 100% guarantee you no matter what is on the label, it will be damaging to you and your health in more ways than one.

    To summarise… The only way you are ever going to achieve the results you want is to stop buying and consuming processed crap. I’m sorry if this means you have to make more of an effort or if it is an inconvenience but if you want results you have to do the work.

    There is no “magic bullet” or diet pill that will give you the results you are after so if you are truly dedicated to promoting a new and healthy you, then the answer is very basic. Eat clean.