• Boxercise



    Improved Speed And Agility

    The first benefit you’ll get from doing a boxing style exercise class is a noticeable improvements in your speed and agility.

    This workout style will have you doing jabs, kicks, punches, core and cardio throughout the entire session in different ranges of motion to challenge every single muscle fiber in your body.

    Enhanced Muscular Power 

    Secondly, boxing style workouts are also going to dramatically increase your muscular power as well. When you do these exercises, you’ll gain strength along with speed, which is the definition of power development.

    You’ll see increased muscular force in both the upper and lower body which will develop into firming and toning benefits to shape your entire body.

    Improved Core Strength 

    The next benefit of boxing exercise routines is improved core strength.  Having great core strength is important to prevent lower back pain and to also increase your posture throughout the day.

    Those who have weak core muscles are more likely to find themselves slouched over at any given point in the day, which can further weaken the back muscles and lead to significant pain.

    Improving your core strength will also help to keep your midsection leaner and help to give you that flat, firm stomach you always wanted.

    Rapid Fat Loss 

    Finally, THESE CLASSES ARE FUN and boxing routine classes will allow you to torch calories quickly so you’ll see rapid rates of fat loss. Additionally, you will add lean muscle mass, which in turn promotes faster fat burning capabilities as your resting metabolic rate will be higher as well.

    So if you want to dramatically improve your fitness level and start your own transformation, try a boxing exercise routine.