1. Weight loss – A fun cardio workout that promotes fat loss through constant ranges of cardio activity
    2. Body toning – By moving and engaging a variety of muscle groups, your entire body will tone up
    3. Meet new people – One key benefit of any group exercise class is the ability to meet a whole new world of people and expand your network of friends
    4. It’s fun – By combining dance with music you will feel more upbeat and optimistic long after the session has finished
    5. Stress relief – Any form of exercise relieves stress and Zumba is no different
    6. Improves coordination – By moving your body in a variety of ways your coordination will improve
    7. Age is no barrier – Because Zumba is designed for anybody regardless of age or fitness level, anybody can enjoy this workout
    8. Improved mood – This is really just an add on from number 5 but worth mentioning none the less
    9. Greater confidence – By losing weight, toning up and meeting new people, you will discover a whole new you